Fly Lady – Day One

Some of you may have heard of the Fly Lady.  She has radically changed people’s lives with her routines to help you get life under control.  I suggest you take a look at her web site and follow her along.  Meanwhile, she has broken down household chores into zones, days of the week, months, and oh so many tips.  Crying purple puddles (that is what she calls tears).  But mine are of joy.  So many of us are either all or nothing.  She gives us permission to settle into 15 minute routines.  Any task is less scary or daunting when you don’t look at it as spending your whole Saturday or weekend or after a long day at work/school.  But to live in a clutter free life and free from the dust bunnies, we have to put in the effort.

Today, is what she calls jump in where you are day.  Now for me, it is January 1 so that makes it ever fresher.  All the info I will give can be found on her site from what she calls the launch pad.

Today is Zone 1.

All you have to do is shine your sink.  Yep, that is it.  No crazy take down decorations or clean up after the New Year’s Eve party last night.  Especially cause that guest is still passed out on the couch probably.

Now it is tempting to do more, and I know you want to go for it.  But just calm down. She gives us new tasks every day.  Remember, this is to take away the pressure that causes you to go spastic, not enjoy this holiday with your family and friends and the off time to just relax, take stock of your future hopes, watch some football and make a pot of chili on this frigid day outside.

Just shine the sink, I will create a new post that you can refer back to the zones individually.  We do visit these zones once a month.

Stay tuned.


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