Forty Seven things to do this year

I am choosing the number 47 for the amount of things I want to do in 2015 because I will be 47 in the fall.  I make these lists every year but one of these days I am determined to do them all.

  1. Pick an adventure, plan and take it.
  2. Get engaged and wedding prep.
  3. Write each day in my book _Center of the Bridge.
  4. Be an advocate and learn as much as I can about Diabetes.
  5. Plan High School Reunion for 2015 or 2016.
  6. Make repairs to the house in Qtr. 1 -(Toilet, Toilet Seat, Plumbing, Electric, Bug Spray, Walls, Air Ducts, Clean Washer/Dryer Hose)  Some are just maintenance or preventative and others are necessary now.  Keep up with my Fly Lady Housekeeping Routines  Deep clean in line with the spring cleaning in Qtr. 2. Organize the house, files, items in closets and cupboards in Qtr. 3. Decorate and be creative in Qtr. 4 for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  7. Keep up with my auto maintenance – oil changes, tire rotations, check ups, keep fuel at half tank or higher, car washes. (February, May, August, November)
  8. Learn to have fun for an entire day, remaining positive and not worrying about all the other things going on.  Truly let it go.
  9. Redo my resume, Decide on career change and move toward it., Write a business plan
  10. Keep up with this blog on a daily basis for all of 2015
  11. Work out at the gym five days a week.  Walk the bridge or track between March – October once a week.  Lose 70 lbs or half of my body fat.  Tighten butt and gut
  12. Get better with nutrition.  Make a meal plan once a week and make it diabetic friendly.
  13. Doctors appointments – Eye, Dentist, Gyno, Primary, Podiatrist, Orthopedist
  14. Scrapbook all my books
  15. Buy a new computer/laptop/table or all the above.
  16. Listen to all of my Tony Robbins CD’s and implement.
  17. Listen to all of my Suze Orman Cassettes and implement.
  18. Read all of my books, then take to 1/2 price book store to sell.
  19. Make a living will.
  20. Complete filing and keep up with it.
  21. Buy a great camera and take up photography.
  22. Finish all my cross stitch projects
  23. Get into a night time regimen of packing clothes for the next day, flossing (yes, I must do better with flossing), brush teeth instead of fall asleep on the couch then wander into bed, make a sandwich for the next day and gather all items needed for going out the door in the morning.
  24. Sync my computer and my external hard drive and Google Cloud
  25. Besides this list, work on crossing off items on my Health, Wealth and Travel Bucket List.
  26. Buy Learn Italian Language software
  27. Buy “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” Journal by Dr. Seuss
  28. Take the Scuba class @ Milestone on the 4th Friday (6 – 8 PM) $50
  29. January 21 – 25 – RV/Boat Show at Fairgrounds – $12 each
  30. Taste of Louisville & Louis-Palooza
  31. 100 Black Men of Louisville Derby Gala
  32. January 16 – Harlem Globetrotters
  33. Kosair Shrine Circus – Feb 5 – 8 at Broadbent $18 each
  34. February 17 – Fleetwood Mac – Yum Center $49.50 each
  35. Carl Casper Auto Show – Feb 20 – 22 at Fairgrounds
  36. Spring Jam – March 28 – Yum Ctr. $48.50 each
  37. KY Derby Basketball Classic – April 11 – Freedom Hall
  38. The Who – May 9 Yum – $39.50 each
  39. Taylor Swift – June 2 – Yum Ctr – $39.50 each
  40. Barry Manilow – June 5 – Yum Ctr – $39.75 each
  41. KY State Fair – August 20 – 30.
  42. Celebrate my four best friends 50th birthdays and take our trip to SC
  43. Go to Missouri and visit family
  44. Go to TN and OH to visit my boyfriend’s family
  45. Attend my college 25th reunion in June
  46. Save money for a down payment on a bigger house
  47. Be happy.

PURPOSE – Physical Health, Well Being and Spiritual Connection to meet with who I am suppose to be.

PHYSICAL – 15% body fat goal.  I can walk, run and dance again.

MENTAL – Maybe go to graduate school

FINANCIAL – Retirement, Nest Egg, Spending amount, 1/2 household bills reduced

ETHICS and BELIEFS – You and me against the world or fix it and then it is us with the world.

LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER – This year and always.


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