My motivation in blogging

There are going to be many reasons to blog this year.  I had a lot happen in 2014 and with all that on my mind, I felt this would be good therapy for me to let it out.  Also, after almost a decade on Facebook (wow, that is a crazy thought that it has been that long), I have made many posts that seem to inspire others.  So I hope with more words, I could inspire even more.

There will be days that my blogs will sound more like a self help book.  If it helps others, that is great but I probably am writing it to refer back to and grow from.  I truly want to help others by educating, sharing what little wisdom I have, and really just sharing my heart hoping that a little love from me cheers someone up or gives them that hand up or some hope to hold on to.

I am hoping by 2016 to have a lot of things in order in my life so that I can embrace it even more than 2015 without the worry of small details or routines not made.  That the mundane or small things in life that seem trivial actually make up my life into a bounty of a life well led.

Not all of us will be the great athlete, musician, thespian, writer, inventor, scholar, community leader.  But we can all be a great citizen, family member, friend and be the link in the order of things that matter in the course of great events.  Without, the wonder of if I hadn’t been there (My Jimmy Stewart It’s A Wonderful Life) ideas.

Out of all my courses coming up in school and in college, I have enjoyed writing.  Sometimes I am shy to speak verbally but if I have the time to compose my thoughts, maybe even reword it without the fear of buyer’s remorse, why did I say that, then I may be a little more honest, a little more brave, a little more transparent and just get to the heart of the matter.

You will have to excuse any grammar or sentence structure or spelling mistakes.  I really do want to focus on content in my blogs.  If you see something that needs clarifying, I am all for rewriting.  But for the purpose of these blogs, I really want it to be more organic and authentic from my heart in the moment that I wrote it.

Yes, I will be quoting from a lot of sources but a lot of good writers do that.  But I will also have a lot of original thought because of the life that I have led, the observations I have made and believe me, as a quiet wallflower coming up, I have made many.  I am not here to judge others or dictate how to live your life.  That is your decision.  I am just here as a guide to throw out what works for me (or at least I hope will) and to provide comfort, some fun, a little silence in a chaotic world, some thoughts to ponder and meditate on and as I learn, show what I have learned, how I grew, persevered, bounced back and that you can do it to.

What I will not tolerate in 2015 is people getting in MY way.  I don’t get in theirs.  If I choose to thrive, to work and do what I have to, to stay alive and finish this year that ends in 5, I will.  I have a lot of things to work thru with diabetes to other things I may get brave to mention later in the year.  This is my healing year.  My year of rebuilding.  My year of planning, prepping and even learning how to play.  This is my year because it is the year I am in and I will claim it to live life, to love and to learn.


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