New Year’s Day 2015

Welcome 2015!!   Welcome New Opportunities. Welcome New Slate.  Welcome a chance to start over again.  Welcome a new way to reach for my dreams, goals and aspirations as if nothing in 2014 will stop me now.

I fell asleep last night returning home from having dinner with friends, family and my boyfriend.  My boyfriend came in and woke me up with just a little over a minute with the countdown starting.  I felt like a little kid again in a way since I couldn’t stay up.  Part of that was because I took my meds and knew that would happen but it was a risk I had to take.  So glad he woke me up though so we could have our New Year’s kiss at the stroke of midnight.  All too often I have spent many New Year’s eves either without that kiss or alone.  So the last couple with him always makes me happy.  Took a long time for me to find a good man who loved me this much.

I am always so pumped at the beginning of the year.  Maybe today will be different and I won’t take the perfectionist attitude that I have in the past where the house has to become perfect for unexpected guests or my need to cook up a storm to prove how domestic I am.   In hindsight, I know it is crazy to work so hard for a few days or weeks, especially now that I drive my boyfriend crazy with my behavior.  Although, I did the whirlwind thing last night and the house in a couple of rooms look a lot better.  But after seeing my behavior I know it wasn’t a good thing 100%.

A year ago, I was online a lot trying to find the questions that would form my goals for 2014.  I don’t know how well I answered them then, but as I grew in 2014, I learned that I need to accept some answers the cosmos gives me and to push harder on others to get to where I want to go.  Since I only get so many words on here, I will start another chapter.  stay tuned.


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