Questions to ponder in the New Year.

So as you start your new day in this 2015, I have eight categories for you to ponder on.


(I know not everyone is religious but I figure just about everyone or most everyone is spiritual)  Just find what works for you to become a good, kind, generous person.

How will you grow spiritually this year?

Are there any specific ministries or causes you would like to support?  How?

Are you giving of your time, money and talents? How?

Are your regularly investing in eternal things or are you focused only on the here and now?


What do you want to learn this year?

What books will you read?

Is there a gift or talent that has been undeveloped in your life? How can you develop it?

How are your friendships? Do you need to invest more in in them? How?


How will you grow closer to your spouse/partner this year?

Could you have a regular date night? What about a retreat away together?

Is there a part of your marriage that needs work (i.e. communication, sex life, friendships?

Do you need counseling or outside help to resolve issues in your relationship?


Is there a part of parenthood that is a struggle? Can you find help or encouragement?

In what ways do you want your children to grow over the next year?

Is “Family time” a part of your life? What can you do to make it a regular occurrence?

What would you change in your relationship with your children? How?


Do you have any debt? Do you have a plan to get rid of it?

Do you have a savings account:? An emergency fund?

In what ways can you trim your living expenses?

Are you giving to others? Why or why not?


What is something you can change in your diet to be healthier?

What exercise or activity can you do to increase your fitness level?

Where do you want to be this time next year in regards to your health/fitness level?

Do you have a friend to keep you accountable for your fitness/health goals?

Home Skills/Education

Do you have a cleaning routine?  

How are you doing with clutter?

Do you need to learn more about taking care of your house? (menu planning, maintenance, etc.)?

Are you happy with your educational choices for your family? Is there anything to change?

If you homeschool, do you have your plans mapped out for the rest of the year?


Are you satisfied with your vocation? Would you like to try something new?

What do you need to learn or do to stay competitive in your current field?

If you own a small business, do you need to write or update a business plan?

Where do you want your business to be by the end of the next year? How will you get there?

All great things to ponder.  I hope you come up with your answers and live them.

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