Recognizing my Simple Life is Freedom

In my teens and early twenties, I probably thought I was to work toward money, success, recognition, and the freedom of genuine creative expression.  Now the latter might still be on my horizon but as I grew older (and a lot of Oprah and self help books and other advice gurus), I started noticing a trend in a lot of things they said.  Yeah, if you are a workaholic you miss out on the advice sometimes.  

I am a byproduct of the 1980’s who seem to strive for the above a lot.  But it had the pitfalls of creating a log of workaholics, careaholics because we came from our mothers being home and the transition of turning into full time out of the home employees and we grew into being perfectionists who were always trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Studying the book Simple Abundance Daybook of Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach, I learned of her principles of Gratitude, Simplicity, Order, Harmony, Beauty and Joy.  In 1995, after reading this, I let go of a lot of shallow thoughts and honored the journey of striving for a deeper, richer life that had purpose, structure, prayer, thankfulness, finding my place in the world rather than jockeying for a position and appreciating the sunsets of each day.

In 2010, I found Fly Lady and combined it with what Sarah taught me in 1995.  Spirituality, Authenticity and Creativity.  Not only was I getting rid of the clutter in my house and even my life, but from my own mind.  In 2015, I think by writing this blog, I can finally do my thing from Frozen and Let IT GO.  Then take up the mantle of the Beatles and LET IT BE!!!!!!   And what it will be is a happy life.  No, I can not beat every provision that things won’t go wrong or go out of order.  But I will be in a better place to deal with it, to take stock of it and to grow into a more productive, more resourceful and more in tune person.

One thing you will notice about me in my writings is my love and use of alliterations.    Sarah Ban Breathnach made the statement of “Simple abundance has enabled me to encounter everyday epiphanies, find the Sacred in the ordinary, the Mystical in the Mundane, fully enter into the sacrament of the present moment.  A continuous source of Reflection, Revelation and Reconnection.  Be a curator of your own contentment.”  

Sarah’s description of winter pointing out cold, crisp, woolen-muffler days, long dark evenings of savory suppers, lively conversations or solitary joys.  It kind of reminds me of reading Little Women or Little House on the Prairie where it was such simple things in the hardest of times really pointed out our priorities and the gratitude of God’s gift to us.  Each other and his love.


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