A few days into 2015, things we have all thought about, eat better, exercise, get our finances and home in order, and so many other resolutions.

Now is the perfect time to purge when cleaning out your closets and dresser drawers, the kitchen cupboards, trunks and any other nook or cranny with stuff in it.

But we grow an attachment to things.  The question of if there was a fire or natural disaster, other than the people in the building, what would you grab to save.  The stapler or the photo of your deceased grandparents.  The oven mitt or the memento your spouse bought you on your honeymoon.  Which in fact could be the oven mitt.  lol

Why are we so attached to people, places and things?  In my quest to be free, this has been something I have been working on and probably always will.  I am a very sentimental person.  I am a scrapbooker.  With the invention of Google Cloud, my photography hobby and digital camera take it to a whole new level of obsession with capturing moments (and hopefully living in the moment too).  I was my High School Class Historian.

We have those rare moments of energy that are like no other and we try so hard to hold the butterfly in our hand.  But you do have to let go as Elsa on Frozen reminds us.  For a long time, I begged people to tell me how to let go.  That is probably my worst flaw.  I don’t forget the things that hurt, I relish in the things I love and as much as I purge things from my house, it always ends up accumulating again.  But I stick to the one thing in, one thing out just so I don’t turn into a hoarder or something.

I’ve been attached to people.  People who were my close friends, my loves, my family.  But they move away or we have a fight or they pass away.  People are meant to be in your life for a reason and for only so long.  Unfortunately, when those moments are over, they are taken away.  What you are left with is yourself.  So that makes sense right?  Except that this past year, even the me I knew was changing at a rapid pace.  I was in a relationship and my body was going thru so many health issues all at once.  Sometimes it was overwhelming.  Just glad my boyfriend is patient with me and letting me work out all my baggage, issues and bugs.  I was attached to being single even though I desperately wanted a relationship.  It takes time to adjust after all that time of doing things on my own and now I have to (and want to) care about another.  I think we all (and should be) attached to good health.  But when you are not, what you need to do is hitch your star to HOPE.   One thing I have learned in the past year is that all earthly things, people and even places are not to attach to.  I attach to God.  He is okay with that.  He is always there and won’t let me down.

When we say Let GO and Let God, I guess that means you HAVE to let go of the earthly things but if you attach to him, all will be well in the end.


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