Romance on a warm Saturday in January

Well, we finally got some nice weather this Saturday in January.  My boo and I think we shall do a little road tripping around town and see what sites we haven’t seen (or at least not together).  A romantic day this could be.  The opportunities are endless right now in what we might experience.

With romance in the air, Valentine’s Day is not that far off.   Since it is on a Saturday this year, we may not get in to a fancy restaurant unless we make reservations now.  So I am thinking,  maybe we should have the meal at home.  But how do I make it romantic?  I found a web site online (sorry, can’t remember the source) but I liked their tips on how to make a romantic dinner.

How to fix a romantic dinner.

 Dress to Impress.

  • Make sure your KITCHEN, utensils and apron are clean before beginning to cook. Then have a change of clothes so the cook doesn’t smell like the cooked.
  • Read the Recipe.
    Know what you’re cooking (even PRACTICE before hand) so that you have no unexpected surprises. You can find great recipes under the cooking section of the Clancy’s website.
  • Tease their Taste Buds.
    Serve an appetizer or two to give them a sneak peak into what’s coming next, the main meal.
  • SET the Mood.
    Or, at least the table. Candles? No Candles? Your call, but a centerpiece is always a nice addition to the table.
  • Meat their Expectations.
    If you’re cooking a steak, ask your DATE how they like their meat cooked, and be prepared to cook it that way.
  • Pair Up.
    Do your research and get a wine that goes best with what you’re cooking. It’s not always as simple as red meat, red wine.

Don’t Forget Dessert.
The perfect way to end a meal, Clancy’s has a wide variety of individual desserts and pastries or lava cakes, perfect for sharing.

Well, after reading this, we know Clancy was involved.  Good luck Googling that.


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