November 2015 – Thanks in giving

November, 2015 is going to be a special time for me.   A time of reflection, learning the art to letting go,

I have always had difficulty in letting go.   But I was reminded and inspired when I saw a story about the Mandala where monks do amazing work with sand by hand then erase it each day.   They do this as a practice to remind them to let go and all things end.


I want to study the Buddhist tenants and the Christian counterparts by breaking it down into the Four Noble Truths, one Noble truth per week in November.

Each Noble Truth teaches about the nature of our experience and spiritual potential.



With November being a time of giving thanks (for me that is Christianity) I give thanks to my creator for all of my blessings.   We have a tendency to thank God for all the good things.   But over time, I now thank him for the opportunities where I learn, grow and get to persevere with things to overcome.   Not saying I want that always but once I am in it, I do try to find silver linings.1208BCDFAQs11208BCDFAQs2

Did the people who cut me off yesterday give me a chance to just be more grateful for life and cherish it more than the average person.   Did it awaken me to get it more than others?    Did I come closer to understanding and appreciate my own efforts to try and do better.  To believe in intervention because those few seconds changed the course of my life which may lead me to a host of dreams come true?

Many times, bad things may happen but sometimes I see beyond what others do.  I see the ripple effect at work.  Now it is up to me to have the ripples go in the direction I want for the experiences that will lead me to a better life.

In November, opportunities to be grateful, to give thanks, to experience awakenings.   How marvelous to have a chance to give thanks, to give back, to pay it forward, to fly.

I am also taking time in November for myself to get my exercise in more.   I already work out three times a week but know I need to do more and work harder.  My weightlifting is actually pretty good on the schedule but I need to amp up my cardio.

I also am in preparation for my Christmas Cards (the joke is that I get them out the day before Thanksgiving so people receive them first the day after Thanksgiving).   Well, don’t know that I will be first but I do know that the years I didn’t give them out due to monetary reasons, were lost opportunities to tell people I loved them one last time and let them know that they were part of my life and important to me.

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In January, I hope to list the 360 plus charities (one a day) in the Louisville area which are non profit.   To feature the different ways we can help one another and be helped in return.   To feature ways to experience a renewal and awakening of connecting.

Hope you will join me in November to look inward and focus on gratitude and connecting with one another.


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