365 days – a year we can make a difference

A few months ago, I happened upon one of our local shows, WAVE 3 Listens.   On this particular day, they were featuring a fund raising event called Give Local Louisville.

This event was raising money for over 360 non profits.   You could choose where you wanted your money to go.  I had never even heard of this group or seen a format quite like this.    So the rest of that day I followed the progress on their web site.   I was quite sad at the end of it.   So many had only received a single donation from Sam Swope Auto Group but nothing from the general public.

Was it because it wasn’t publicized much?   Was this a new event that no one had on their radar?  I mean here we could choose the cause and even the non profit.   The top ten received a matching donation for what had been raised.   There were prizes given throughout the day per hour based on their rank.   But such a huge opportunity for all of them was just not being heard.

So I decided that day, maybe I need to at least help the people I knew become aware of this event.   2016 can be a year we can make a difference.   I want to share in the education and research I find out about each group.   Maybe that would lead to your own interest to find out more, become involved or at least donate.  Not every group needs money only.   They need manpower.   They need supplies and resources.  They need more research to find ways to make a difference.

These are the categories and number of non profits in that group at the time of the fund raiser last fall.

Animal                                                                                   23
Arts & Culture                                                                       73
Community Improvement                                             124
Education                                                                              178
Environment                                                                       43
Faith Based                                                                          46
Health                                                                                      95
Human Services                                                               158
Workforce Development                                                25
Youth Development.                                                        101

In 2016, let’s reach out to all of these groups as a community and make Louisville great.




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