Giving Local, especially in Louisville

Louisville has been my home since I was 5 years old.   We moved here in 1974 right before I entered first grade.   Like all cities, we have seen our ups and downs as a community.   Louisville had just had a tornado about five months before we came and they were still cleaning up from it.   The elementary school we enrolled in was still having the roof put back on.

On this first day of 2016, I am embarking in a blog series to highlight the non profits of Louisville.   There are so many great things in our community and the local region as well as in the United States where we share national causes.

I am hoping that my writing skills will improve by doing this as well as informing and educating you, the reader, as well as myself.   Giving is a way of expressing love.    Combining my skills, my joys, my passions and my heart, I hope to one day make a difference.   I may not know that it has even happened but if I can ever share what little insight I think I possess and it touches or changes you, then the ripple effect for good can occur.   That is really all any of us can do.   Just keep trying to be better and do better for others thru being our authentic self.

As I said in a post I made yesterday, I want to focus on a fund raising event I saw last fall called Give Local Louisville.   According to their sponsor, the Community Foundation of Louisville which has been in existence since 1984, they have reported that about 362 non profits were part of this endeavor.   When I saw the number 362, I instantly thought about communicating about each one for 2016.   Just enough for a year’s worth of writing.

In a time when the world is going through so much turmoil, I want to bring attention to the good things that are going on.   I want to bring attention to the ways we can get involved in our community.   Even if you don’t live in Louisville, there are probably similar organizations where you live.   And if not, maybe one of these will inspire you to start a group for the cause you find so near and dear to your heart.

I mean we are all looking for purpose.   We are looking for the small ways as well as the grand to make a difference.    For so long I thought a lot of what I did, really wasn’t important because I thought how so many people could do the same thing.   But the point is,  in those moments I was giving.   Someone was receiving and to them, it might have made all the difference in the world.    The seconds you save someone just by opening a door, to help them not injure themselves because you helped carry something and saved them time from extra trips.    For being a shoulder to lean on or cry on or both shoulders to hug.   It makes a difference because you changed where they were in the fork in the road.

Many times we see event raisers for things like toothpaste or razors, a hat, scarf and glove combo, we find a way to make people laugh.   It may not seem like a lot to the one giving but to the one receiving, that toothbrush and toothpaste might give them the oral health to maintain overall health.   They can go into a job interview with good breath, white teeth and most of all confidence.   We have taken away something that could have been a stigma otherwise.   We helped a child not feel bullied because they were equipped with the necessities.    Making someone laugh and smile adds a little joy.  Joy is one of the largest things we can give someone.

As we are still in the Christmas season until January 6 when we have Epiphany, I say as the Herald did – JOY TO THE WORLD.  That is my New Year’s Day wish.   JOY!!!!!

The Community Foundation of Louisville is the largest charitable foundation in Kentucky with over $430 million in assets and more than 1,350 different funds, each with a charitable purpose defined by the donor. In 2014, the Community Foundation made over 8,000 grants totaling $45 million to local, national and international nonprofits. Working together, the Foundation, its donors and community partners leverage collective knowledge, creativity and resources for a greater impact than any of us can make alone.

For more information or to explore how the Community Foundation of Louisville can help you achieve your charitable goals, visit or call 502.585.4649.




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