January Things to Do, Explore and Participate in.

1. Enjoy the Day Off

2. Hit the Tail-End of the After-Holiday Sales

STOCK up (think scissors, tape, wrapping papers, bags, and more)

3. Write Thank-You Notes for Holiday Gifts

4. Edit Your Social Media Profiles

5. Take Down Your Holiday Decorations

6. Organize the Basement/Attic/Garage (Doesn’t apply to me)

7. Clean Out Your Closet

8. Raid Your Pantry for Expired Food

9. Defrost and Clean Freezer and Fridge

10. Tidy Up Your Medicine Cabinet

11. Give the House a Deep Clean

12. Rearrange Your Furniture

13. Check In With Your Boss/Work Team

14. Update Your Pets’ Health info (Doesn’t apply to me but I thought maybe some of you needed the reminder)

15. Schedule a Physical

16. Tune-up Your Vehicle

17. Update Your DVR

18. Plan a Date With Your Partner

19. Create a List of Goals for the Year

20. Learn Something New

21. Make a Two-Week Meal Calendar With Recipes

22. Clip Coupons for Your Next Shopping Trip

23. List for Sale Your Unwanted Items of Value

24. Deliver Remaining Unwanted Items to Donation Center

25. Scan Old Photos into the Computer

26. Consolidate and Clean Up Computer Files

27. De-Clutter Your Office/Desk

decide, discard, dust.

28. Set Up a Dentist Appointment

29. Establish a Fitness Plan

30. Reevaluate Your Debt and Establish a Plan of Action

31. Prepare Your Tax Materials

Buy January Birthday and Anniversary cards.

Get Snowed!

  • Go skiing.
  • Go sledding.
  • Build a snowfort.
  • Get in a snowball fight.
  • Join a tobogganing club.

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